Darwyn Cooke Talks About Parker

Darwyn Cooke


by Josie Campbell, Staff Writer for Comic Book Resources


At the 2011 Long Beach Comic Con, artist Darwyn Cooke and IDW Publishing Special Projects Editor Scott Dunbier joined forces on the Darwyn Cooke panel to talk about Cooke’s ongoing IDW work adapting author Richard Stark AKA Donald Westlake’s “Parker” novels into graphic novel form. Immediately opening the floor to audience questions, a “Parker” fan in the audience wanted to know how Cooke and Dunbier got Westlake to agree to let them adapt the novels.

Darwyn Cooke’s GN cover

“For years, this had been a dream project for Darwyn,” Dunbier answered. Getting in touch with the author by email, Dunbier sent Westlake Cooke’s artwork to try and convince him of the viability of a graphic novel adaptation. “Westlake wrote me back a really long email where he basically said, it can’t be done — but these drawings are great!” said Dunbier.


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