Not For Sale

From Seacoast Online – Portsmouth, NH


Even with more than 3,000 titles in Mainely Murders and 10,000 in their ever-expanding collection, Keeney and Whetstone admit there are books they will never sell.


“I collect Richard Stark, which is another name for Donald Westlake. He was among the first of the good and bad guys. He’s a robber and he robs his way through 20-something books. He tends to be quite popular. I’m sure that I could sell my collection very quickly, but I don’t,” Whetstone said.


[Sure, it’s Parker who does the robbing and Stark who did the writing, but it’s still a very nice quote from a nice story about a pair of women who’s lifelong dream to open a mystery book shop has recently come true: Kennebunk women share their passion for mysteries in new venture by Samantha Stephens]


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