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By Daniela Gitlin on her blog


Westlake wrote quirky, smart stories about quirky, smart people living full lives outside the law. Sure, they go down quick and easy as escapist trash. But to think they are trash would be a mistake, like falling for Columbo’s dull bulb act. Single-handed creator of the comedic caper and noir crime fiction, Westlake is THE Grand Master.


You can read him for belly laughs. (And you should. There is nobody funnier than Westlake.) You can read him for the worldly vitamins and knowing minerals missing from your diet. You can read him to figure out how he does his magic. However you read him, his writing is a thing of beauty and a joy forever.


[She doesn’t get every detail right but she comes damn close and her analysis is insightful. Excellent excerpt choices. A great read overall. Original post: Why Donald Westlake is My Favorite Author.]


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  1. Thank you very much. Enjoyed your remarks about DEW.
    If I abbreviated my bio, it would be boring and pointless. If I gave the whole thing, it would distract from the point of this website. So I decided to write a short blurb in my first post, "Welcome!" There's a link to it in the left sidebar. Pretty much all that's relevant for our purposes here.
    My brother, Tod, also posts and assists with the site. His story is more interesting than mine. Maybe he'll tell it in a book someday. You'll see the two of us floating around here and there.
    I have plans to expand and add more to the site but have to figure out how to make this platform stable, both on the front end and the back end, before I go much further. Stay tuned.
    Thanks for the article and the comment.

    Wow! You've published an excerpt of my eulogy to The Master! And given it a great review. I am honored. Thank you so much!  You know, a couple of years ago, Dortmunder paid me a visit. It was nice to meet him, and he helped me out.  You can read about it in this post: Break In! Or, Why I Didn’t Call The Cops. http://shrinkunwrapped.squarespace.com/home/2011/
    The King is dead. Long live the King!
    Smiles, Daniela
    BTW: the website looks great! But nothing about you, O Webmeister. Who are you? Enquiring minds need to know. hint hint nudge nudge

  3. Forehead slap! Duh! I didn't think to scroll over "Welcome!" Ah well. Live and learn. Thanks again for giving my Westlake post a great review and a plug.  Made my day.  I've subscribed to this site.
    Happy Turkey Day, 
    Daniela,&nbsp ;www.shrinkunwrapped.com

  4. No worries. I could probably make the link more obvious. Maybe later. Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving.

  5. Myself a raving, rabid Westlake fan, I am also a friend of Daniela's. She put me onto DEW in the first place, thus earning my eternal gratitude. And now that I see this great, very active website I shall become a subscriber here if I can figure out how (I'm about as computer-savvy as Dortmunder without Wally).  Thanks for providing us groupies with more information on our favorite subject.
    P.S.  My greatest treasure is the SIGNED copy of The Ax I came by accidentally.


    Heads up! New ShrinkUnwrapped post with excerpt from Bad News backing up yet another reason why The Grand Master is my favorite author. 
    Looked for a Contact link, but no luck, so am letting you know here. 
    Mery X'mas! Daniela


  7. My contact link is kinda buried in the right sidebar. I need to move it. I'll drop by when I get a chance.
    Thanks for the fyi.

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