Toronto Double Feature

If you happen to live in Toronto, you can catch the two previous film adaptations of Richard Stark’s The Hunter at the A.V. Club next Thursday:

REMAKE/REMODEL: This week also sees the launch of an intriguing new program at the TUC. The brainchild of critic and AV Club Toronto editor John Semley, Remake/Remodel is a double bill of films that have a close relationship with each other. Screening Nov. 24 at 7 and 9:30 p.m., the inaugural edition pairs John Boorman’s steely 1967 thriller Point Blank with the 1999 Mel Gibson actioner Payback. Why? Both movies were based on the same novel by Donald E. Westlake. Alas, only one of them was cool enough to star Lee Marvin.


Have fun.


2 thoughts on “Toronto Double Feature

  1. Even native Torontonians will have difficulty finding this event, as there is no such establishment in T.O. as "The AV Club". The "TUC" is actually the TORONTO UNDERGROUND CINEMA; address and contact info below. Admission for each film is $8

    186 SPADINA AVE.

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