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December 19, 2011 in Housekeping by pewestlake

Content Management Systems can be easy to work with. A simple blog is a no-brainer for blogger or wordpress. But the more complex the site, the more complex the issues CMS has to handle, the more quirky the system gets. While it hasn’t had an impact on the functionality of the site (as far as I can tell), the partially-working state of my CMS does impact my ability to add content. So I’m about to make an effort to fix things, which means the site might be only partly functional or may totally disappear from time to time. My hope is that the first few things I try will conain the solution and this will be a short-lived speedbump. But it’s much more likely that I won’t find a reliable solution for days. So this is the heads-up that whatever problems you may experience with the site in the near term are being addressed and should not be permanent.


And now, as Don would say…