Audio is Back!

August 4, 2012 in Books, Housekeping, Interviews by pewestlake

Along with the other back-end trouble I had with the old host, I lost the ability to embed audio files in a reliable way. Well, that’s all over now, thanks partly to the migration, improvements in the new WordPress update and the existence of SoundCloud. There are currently only three audio tracks on the entire site and all three are embedded below so you don’t have to go searching for them.

The files will be embedded on the appropriate page, and where none exists, in Miscellany. As I find and upload new tracks, I’ll post the updates here. For now, enjoy listening to:

The Hot Rock movie theme by Quincy Jones

Hot Rock Theme by Quincy Jones uploaded by pewestlake


The Next Big Thing with Dean Olsher on WNYC public radio (2004)

Part 1: Lexicographer Erin McKean informs DEW that he’s the first author cited in the OED for the word “pootle” and then issues a challenge.
Use It or Lose It Pt1 uploaded by pewestlake

Part 2: DEW returns to answer the challenge… but he still has to wait for his chocolatey reward.
Use It or Lose It Pt2 uploaded by pewestlake