SFF Audio Podcast: The Comedy Is Finished

Back on March 11, when this website was still in the throes of technical difficulties, I had the pleasure of joining in on a podcast discussion of The Comedy is Finished with Jesse Willis from SFF Audio and Trent Reynolds from The Violent World of Parker. Both gentlemen are well-read, insightful and great fun to chat with and listen to. If you’d like to hear our collective analysis of the last Westlake book to be published (that we know of for now), please visit SFF Audio and scroll down to the bottom to find the podcast player.

With thanks to Jesse and Trent — and a special thanks for embedding my video featuring Don speaking about the personification of NYC in a detective novel — and humble apologies for my occasional droning, I now refer you to Jesse:

The SFFaudio Podcast #152 – READALONG: The Comedy Is Finished by Donald E. Westlake


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