Big Update 9-19-12

September 19, 2012 in Books, Housekeping by pewestlake

Small section of shelves in Don’s personal library

The project of rebuilding the Westlake bibliography continues and there are still a few surprises to be found. Yet another pseudonym has been uncovered but it mostly belongs to another author, Laurence Janifer (aka Larry Mark Harris). The title in question was very likely finished by Don when Harris was unable to meet his deadline. You can read about it on the book page for The Pleasures We Know (link below).

Also, new pages added for Alan Marshall titles and several new pages for early short stories, including what may be the first Westlake short stories in print from 1951! Three new full stories have been added, which you can find through the “Shorts” page. And many book pages have been updated with cover art from multiple editions, especially editions published outside the United States. Below is the list of new pages followed by the list of pages that have been recently updated. I hope you enjoy the discoveries as much as I do.

New Pages

The Curious Facts Preceding My Execution (short)
The Best-Friend Murder (short)
Anatomy of an Anatomy (short)
The Question (short)
Veronica (short)
My Father’s Chair (short)
Passion Doll
The Pleasures We Know
The Sin Losers
Sin Prowl


All About Annette
All the Girls Were Willing
Backstage Love
The Busy Body
Campus Doll
Campus Lovers
The Fugitive Pigeon
A Girl Called Honey
The Handle
The Hunter
The Jugger
Killing Time
Man Hungry
The Man with the Getaway Face
The Mercenaries
The Mourner
The Outfit
Passion Doll
Pity Him Afterwards
The Score
The Seventh
The Sin Losers
Sin Prowl
Sinner or Saint
So Willing
Virgin’s Summer
The Wife Next Door
Young and Innocent