“Parker” Slips into Theaters Friday

parker_backPropelled by what is probably the most aggressive and persuasive marketing campaign for any of the movies based on the Richard Stark novels, Parker, from the book, Flashfire, starts its theatrical run tomorrow. And I really can’t say enough about the marketing campaign, which has landed in my living room more times than I can count. Almost every person I ask has heard of the movie and knows it’s coming out on Friday. And lots of those people are planning on seeing it. Kudos to Elissa Greer, SVP Publicity, and her team at FilmDistrict for a job very well done. As I mentioned there would be in the previous post, some tweaks made it into the final version but nothing to detract from the story or the energy of the film at all. I’m quite satisfied with the way Taylor Hackford managed to give the Hollywood audience what it expects while remaining mostly true to the character of Parker.

parker_frontThe film premiered at the Museum of Modern Art theater in midtown Manhattan Wednesday night. Thanks to L’Oreal Paris for co-sponsoring the festivities. Cast members Jason Statham, Jennifer Lopez, Patti LuPone, Emma Booth and Micah Hauptman attended the screening, along with director Taylor Hackford, who introduced the film and the stars. Almost everyone attended the after party and all were gracious and generous with their time. Producer Les Alexander, the mastermind of the entire project, was on hand and clearly very proud of both the film and the team that made it. Hat tip to John J. McLaughlin for the excellent screenplay.

I managed only a few low-quality pictures with my cell phone before giving up so, alas, you’ll have to go see the movie to get a glimpse of the stars. And I hope you do, because this is among the most faithful screen adaptations of Don’s work to date. So go see the movie and let us know what you thought.


2 thoughts on ““Parker” Slips into Theaters Friday

  1. Going to see this in a few hours and I’m psyched. There’s been some good reviews, and some not so good ones, but really it’s all a matter of taste. I’m hoping for the best!

  2. Saw this today: Paul’s review is spot on. It is a good heist/revenge film but the character is really a conglomeration of Westlake’s, Hackford’s, McLaughlin’s and Statham’s version of Parker.

    If you don’t go into it seeking the perfect Parker adaptation (as if that could exist and be perfect to each and every one of Westlake’s multitude of fans) you should have a good time.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed it does great box office, I’d love to see a sequel–although to be honest it’d be great if the next screenwriter/director really understands the character better so there’s no embarrassing moments like Parker winning a stuffed animal for a cute little girl or going to a backyard BBQ!;-) lol

    A more humane Parker, to be sure, but still capable of incredible violence and cunning.

    Certainly the best thing, hands down, I’ve ever seen Statham in.

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