Short Stories and New Samples

mystery_digest_mar_59_1The chronological trove of published novels and collections isn’t the only treasure in Don’s personal library. There are also several storage bins of periodicals containing Don’s published short stories, articles, essays and even a poem! This is a mountain of work that needs to be tackled if the DEW bibliography is ever going to be complete. The work has begun and will continue for many months, and probably years, to come.

Discoveries in the latest foray include a travel article in an Air Force magazine, an article offering plot development advice to aspiring writers, and a poem in the same publication that included his earliest published stories, Don’s high school literary magazine, The Vincentian. New transcriptions include the aforementioned article on plot development, Journey to Death (short), the poem and the first chapter of Don’s second published novel, Killing Time.

Here’s the list of new pages:

Short Stories

vincentian_1And You (poem)
Or Give Me Death
Fluorocarbons Are Here To Stay
Everybody Killed Sylvia
Matin’s Place (as by Grace Selacious)
The Devil’s Printer
Decoy for Murder
Death for Sale
And Then He Went Away
mystery_digest_jun_59_3Journey to Death
One On A Desert Island
The Ledge Bit
Knife Fighter
The Best-Friend Murder
An Empty Threat
Travelers Far And Wee
Fresh Out of Prison
Friday Night
super_science_fiction_1Elephant Blues (as by Ben Christopher)
Cat Killers
Birth of a Monster (as by Richard Stark)
The Last Ghost (as by Richard Stark)



The Vision Comes True When You Arrive at Bernkastle
36 Plot Nots


New Chapter

First Print

Killing Time, Chapter One





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  1. What an unbelievable amount of WORK! Best get Madelyn in on it ASAP because it will take more than one lifetime. I wonder if Don ever slept.

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