Sortable Bibliography Sneak Peek

Donald Edwin Westlake

With 164 separate entries in the new master bibliography so far, we’re still only up to 1967. Ultimately, this table will become a comprehensive list of everything ever published under the name of Donald E. Westlake or one of his many pseudonyms. The current bibliography, listing novels, shorts, fiction, non-fiction and pseudonyms in separate tables, will not be replaced. It will be expanded and refined to become more accurate over time but it won’t go away. The master sortable bibliography will be a supplement, a more comprehensive version that goes further by listing every edition, in every language, with other details like cover art and binding.

Also, the table is searchable and you’ll be able to copy, download and print the table, should the urge strike you. Click the link below to see what it looks like so far:

Sortable Master Bibliography

Critiques and suggestions on improving the table are welcome. For instance, there is no distinction between “mass market” and “trade” paperbacks. I could be convinced to add that information, or the dedications that I haven’t included in the online version, mainly for lack of space and to keep the table from having a horizontal scroll. Also, the cover artists list is incomplete, with many titles being identified as uncredited or unknown (periodicals are blank because I just didn’t get around to looking into that yet). Any help on tracking that information down would be helpful and appreciated.

No rush. This is going to take a while!


3 thoughts on “Sortable Bibliography Sneak Peek

  1. Love this and great work so far. I knew there were many short stories published in magazines but I had no idea how many. I have 50+ Westlake hardback novels and was always hoping to find a comprehensive list of them all to see which ones I was missing. This just means that now I’ll need to track down more – but that also means more undiscovered (for me) Westlake to read – that’s a good thing. Keep up the awesome job.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Chuck! I hope I can help you find even more gems as time passes. Thanks for the visit and the comment and hope you come again.


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