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The Getaway Car (2014)

Cover by Darwyn Cooke

The Getaway Car headlines the 54 new pages that have been added to the site. The other 53 cover short fiction and short non-fiction gathered from the original periodicals found in the Westlake library. Nine of the short non-fiction pages include the full piece, reproduced as large images from the original publications, most of which were not reprinted in The Getaway Car. In addition, 72 book and short fiction pages have been updated with images scanned from book and magazine covers, including a few Parker novels that were reprinted under different titles in magazines from the 1960s.

The Sour Lemon Score, For Men Only (1969)

The Sour Lemon Score, For Men Only Magazine (1969)

The work of rebuilding the Westlake bibliography from the ground up continues in chronological order, dictated by the way Don organized his library, and brings us up into 1975. While there are a few gaps–the books were numbered chronologically and a few numbers are missing–none of the gaps occur in the time period during which Don was writing what Don referred to as “euphemism” novels, but which some call “sleaze” books. Also, there is no mention of any other such titles in Don’s meticulous filing system. This means that the euphemism catalog is complete on this site. Any book suspected of being a Westlake title from that genre that is not listed in the bibliography on this site is not a Donald Westlake book. Several such titles have been floating around on various blogs using word and phrase analysis to conclude that such and such a book was written by Don. Those analyses are wrong. If it’s not on the bibliography page on this site, it is not a Donald Westlake book.

Islands (1996)

Islands (1996)

There are still more non-fiction articles to add to the bibliography and possibly another short story or perhaps a few. But those lists are getting closer to complete as well. This is a long term work in progress and surprises are still possible. The four missing books–numbers 168, 199, 265, and 284–still need to be tracked down but it’s highly unlikely that any of those four books is something other than another print or foreign language edition of a previously published novel.

Three short stories have been added in this update, two fully transcribed–And Then He Went Away and Paid In Full–and one, Devilishly, readable in the photo gallery. The next update will feature three more short stories transcribed for reading on this site. The full list of book, story and article page updates and additions is below.

List of new and updated pages:


361 *
Adios Scheherazade
Bank Shot
The Black Ice Score
The Black Bird
Brothers Keepers
The Busy Body
Butcher’s Moon
Comfort Station
Cops and Robbers
The Dame
The Damsel
Deadly Edge
Don’t Lie to Me
Ex Officio
The Fugitive Pigeon
God Save the Mark
The Green Eagle Score
The Handle
The Hot Rock
The Hunter
I Gave at the Office
A Jade in Aries
Jimmy the Kid
The Jugger
Killing Time
Kinds of Love, Kinds of Death
Lemons Never Lie
Man Hungry
The Man with the Getaway Face
Murder Among Children
The Outfit
Plunder Squad
The Rare Coin Score
The  Score
The Seventh
Somebody Owes Me Money *
The Sour Lemon Score
The Spy in the Ointment
Strange Affair
Two Much
Under an English Heaven
Up Your Banners
Wax Apple
Who Stole Sassi Manoon?


The Curious Facts Preceding My Execution
The Getaway Car (NEW)
A Good Story
Horse Laugh
Thieves’ Dozen *
Tomorrow’s Crimes

Short Fiction:

After I’m Gone (NEW)
All Men Are Bea… (NEW)
And Then He Went Away *
Ask a Silly Question
The Best-Friend Murder
Breathe Deep (NEW)
The Burglar and the Whatsit (NEW)
Call Him Nemesis (NEW)
Come Back, Come Back
Cool O’Toole (NEW)
The Curious Facts Preceding My Execution
The Death of a Bum (NEW)
Devilishly * (NEW)
Domestic Intrigue (NEW)
Don’t You Know There’s a War On?
The Dortmunder Workout
The Earthman’s Burden (NEW)
The  Feel of the Trigger (NEW)
Fluorocarbons are Here to Stay
The Girl of My Dreams (NEW)
Give Till It Hurts
A Good Story (NEW)
Heaven Help Us
Here’s Looking at You
Hitch Your Spaceship to a Star
In At The Death (NEW)
Interstellar Pigeon
It (NEW)
Journey to Death
Jumble Sale (NEW)
Just the Lady We’re Looking For (NEW)
The Letter (NEW)
Look Before You Leap (NEW)
Meteor Strike! (NEW)
The Mother of Invention is Worth a Pound of Cure (NEW)
The Mulligan Stew (NEW)
Never Shake a Family Tree
Now What? (NEW)
Paid In Full * (NEW)
Party Animal (NEW)
Re Porter (NEW)
The Risk Profession
The Sincerest of Flattery (NEW)
Skeeks (NEW)
Sniff (NEW)
The Sound of Murder (NEW)
The Spoils System (NEW)
The Spy in the Elevator (NEW)
Stage Fright (NEW)
The Sweetest Man in the World (NEW)
Take It Away (NEW)
Teamwork (NEW)
They Also Serve (NEW)
A Time to Die (NEW)
A Toast to the Damned (NEW)
Too Many Crooks (NEW)
The Winner (NEW)
The World’s a Stage

Short Non-Fiction:

Amsterdam (NEW)
Anguilla * (NEW)
Behold a Pale Horse * (NEW)
The Box Rebellion * (NEW)
Break-Out GC (NEW)
Coming Home is Half the Fun * (NEW)
The Hardboiled Dicks * GC (NEW)
Havana: Down But Is It Out? * (NEW)
Love Stuff, Cops and Robbers Style GC (NEW)
Mickey Spillane * (NEW)
Murder on the High Seas * (NEW)
Sister Mary Carmel Marches On * (NEW)
Three Generations of Badge and Gun * (NEW)
Unproud Papas *

* = sample or full piece reproduced here
GC = Reprinted in The Getaway Car


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  1. Paul — thank you so much for this. As a lifelong fan of Donald Westlake’s, it’s a joy to visit this site and find all these heretofore unknown and unseen treasures. It helps take the sting out the fact that there are no new Westlakes to savor. In deepest gratitude and appreciation.

  2. Thank you SO MUCH! Because of your emails I bought the Getaway Car . . . and then the novels that Donald Westlake mentioned. It’s always such a pleasure to get your emails.

  3. hi Paul! i wonder if Mr. Westlake had ever written a novel about a conspiracy by extremist forces of all ideological persuasions, to overthrow the ‘world status quo’, and a US gov’t agency recruiting a former leftist activist to infiltrate and stop it. or was it some other author? thanks in advance for reply

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