Additions, Fictitious and Otherwise


Nathan Edwin Westlake (b. 10/21/15) isn’t sure what to make of, well, really anything.

It has taken several months to plow through all the material for the most recent page updates, mainly due to the addition of the most recent, and probably last, of Don’s grandchildren (right). But also because it’s just a lot of material. There are still several non-fiction works to curate and transcribe, which will be forthcoming in the next update, hopefully sometime in the next month or so.

Pièces Détachées (France) (1981)

Pièces Détachées (France) (1981)

This update includes newly uploaded images on 60 book pages, the discovery of a collection of DEW short stories first published in France and the unearthing of the original publications for ten short stories and three non-fiction pieces. Four short stories were transcribed for reprinting here, as well as two pieces of short non-fiction. The full list of new and updated pages is below.

Regular visitors might notice the recent addition of short teaser excerpts and/or blurbs on the book pages. I intend to eventually include a short burst of copy on every book and story page. While I have endeavored to make selections that reflect Don’s style and/or the tenor of the story, DEW fans are invited to send emails or comments with suggestions to improve those selections.

As with the bibliography page, an asterisk next to a title means you can read the piece on this site (in part or in full). Sometimes that means it has been transcribed, other times it means the piece can be read by viewing the hi-resolution images of the original publication. Happy reading!


361 *
Adios Scheherazade
Bank Shot
The Black Ice Score
The Blackbird
Brothers Keepers
The Busy Body
Butcher’s Moon
Castle in the Air
Cops and Robbers
The Dame
The Damsel
Dancing Aztecs
Deadly Edge
Don’t Lie To Me
The Fugitive Pigeon
God Save the Mark
Good Behavior
The Green Eagle Score
The Handle
Help I Am Being Held Prisoner
High Adventure
High Jinx
The Hot Rock
The Hunter
I Know a Trick Worth Two of That
A Jade in Aries
Jimmy the Kid
The Jugger
Killing Time *
Kinds of Love, Kinds of Death *
Lemons Never Lie *
A Likely Story
The Man with the Getaway Face
The Mercenaries
The Mourner
Murder Among Children *
Nobody’s Perfect
One of Us is Wrong
The Outfit
Pity Him Afterwards
Plunder Squad
The Rare Coin Score
The Score
The Seventh
The Sour Lemon Score
The Spy in the Ointment
Transylvania Station
Trust Me On This
Two Much
Wax Apple
What I Tell You Three Times is False
Who Stole Sassi Manoon?
Why Me

Horse Laugh and Other Stories
Pièces Détachées (NEW)

Short Fiction:
After I’m Gone
Anatomy of an Anatomy
Ask a Silly Question
The Best-Friend Murder
Come Back, Come Back
The Curious Facts Preceding My Execution
The Death of a Bum
Devilishly *
Domestic Intrigue
The Dortmunder Workout *
The Feel of the Trigger
The Girl of My Dreams
Good Night, Good Night
Horse Laugh (NEW)
Hydra (NEW) *
In At The Death
Just a Little Impractical Joke (NEW) *
Just One of Those Days (NEW) *
Just the Lady We’re Looking For
Lock Your Door (NEW)
Love in the Lean Years (NEW)
The Method (NEW) *
A Midsummer Daydream (NEW)
The Mother of Invention is Worth a Pound of Cure
Nackles *
Never Shake a Family Tree
No Business Like… (NEW)
One on a Desert Island
The Question *
The Sound of Murder
The Spoils System
The Sweetest Man in the World
Too Many Crooks
The Ultimate Caper (NEW) *
The Winner

Short Non-Fiction:
Hearing Voices in My Head (NEW)
I See by My Outfit (NEW) *
Intro to The Hunter (Gregg Press Edition) (NEW) *