Cops and Robbers (1972) – M. Evans

“Well, what the hell, why don’t we?”

Joe didn’t get it. “Why don’t we what?”

Do it!” Tom said. He’d been bottling this up for days, his voice was vibrating with it. “Get everything we want,” he said, “just like you said.”

Skeptical, Joe said, “Like how? Liquor stores?”

Tom took one hand off the wheel to wave that away, impatient with it. “That’s nothing, Joe,” he said, “that’s crap! That stinking city back there is full of money, and in our position by God we really can get anything we want. A million dollars apiece, in one job.”

Joe didn’t believe it yet, but he was interested. “What job?”

Tom shrugged. “We’ve got our choice. Anything we want to work out. Some big jewelry company. A bank. Whatever we want.”

Suddenly Joe saw it, and he started to laugh. “Disguised as cops!”

“That’s right!” Tom said. He was laughing, too. “Disguised as cops!”

The two of them sat in the car and just laughed.




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