Gangway! (1973) – M. Evans

With Brian Garfield

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times–1874–when Gabe Beauchamps, former Hell’s Kitchen gangster was ‘helped’ to leave New York by ‘Boss’ Twill. His destination, chosen by Twill, is San Francisco where he arrives penniless, seasick and almost friendless. Apart from Vangie, a ravishing female pickpocket, the only part of San Francisco that impresses Gabe is the Mint with its heavily guarded gold shipments. With Vangie’s reluctant help Gabe assembles a team of unlikely but unscrupulous associates to carry out the Great Mint Robbery.

The authors describe their book as the world’s first comedy romance suspense pirate western adventure novel. It is a hilarious and lunatic escapade in which Donald Westlake, an acknowledged master of the comedy thriller, collaborates for the first time with Brian Garfield.

– From the jacket of the Barker hardcover edition (UK, 1974)




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2 thoughts on “Gangway! (1973) – M. Evans

  1. With the exception of the Dortmunder novels, I have thoroughly enjoyed Donald Westlake’s books and for years have regarded him to be my all-time favorite author. My favorites were also full of humor, the best for me were HELP, I AM BEING HELD PRISONER, and GANGWAY, his collaboration with Brian Garfield. However, I continue to read every one I can get my hands on, and am never disappointed.

    1. Marvin,
      Sorry it took so long for me to approve your comment. I’ve been swamped with work, my volunteer political activities and relocating to the Hudson Valley in anticipation of my first child (not Don’s first grandchild, though). So please accept my apologies and thanks for the kind words.

      One of my favorite of Don’s books is his non-fiction work, “Under an English Heaven. If you like his sense of humor in the fiction, you’re going to love his sardonic prose in that book. I highly recommend it.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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