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Donald Westlake: Hard-Boiled to the End – Fresh Air from WHYY (NPR), compiled from interviews from 1988 and 1997, originally aired in January 2009.


Interview with Donald Westlake – University of Chicago Press (2008)


Author Interview: Donald Westlake (a.k.a. Richard Stark)… – with Paul Kane (2008)


Interview from Payback: Director’s Cut DVD (2006)


The Next Big Thing with Dean Olsher on WNYC public radio (2004)

Part 1: Lexicographer Erin McKean informs DEW that he’s the first author cited in the OED for the word “pootle” and then issues a challenge.
Use It or Lose It Pt1 uploaded by pewestlake

Part 2: DEW returns to answer the challenge… but he still has to wait for his chocolatey reward.
Use It or Lose It Pt2 uploaded by pewestlake’s Senior Writer Joe Hartlaub has followed Westlake’s career through the years, reading Westlake and his infamous pseudonym, Richard Stark. Delve into Donald’s dark world with Joe as your guide in these interviews from 2000, 2001 and 2002.


All fiction writers are aware…, by Donald Westlake – Grand Central Publishing (2000)


Donald Westlake Interview (1994)


DEW interviewed by Don Swaim (1990) – WOUB Public Radio