Matin’ Place (short) 1958 – Escapade

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2 thoughts on “Matin’ Place (short) 1958 – Escapade

  1. Enjoying this site very much! A correction, though…

    The title of this piece is Matin’ Place, not Matin’s. It’s a play on the salacious-for-its-time 1956 novel “Peyton Place” by Grace Metalious. (i.e. “Mating Place”).

    As well, the table of contents for the magazine clearly identifies the author as Donald Westlake (no “E.”) The piece itself, as a joke, credits Grace Salacious (note spelling) as a pun on Grace Metalious. Not sure it’s really a pseudonym, as the real author is clearly credited…

    1. Thanks for pointing all this out. Don’t know why I added the “s” or overlooked the table of contents. In my defense, I will point out that I am frequently updating this site in the wee hours after a long day. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

      Thanks again!

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