The Next Big Thing on WNYC Public Radio (2004)
Lexicographer Erin McKean informs DEW that he’s cited in the OED for “pootle” and issues a word challenge:

In part two, DEW answers the challenge in his next Parker novel:


Fresh Air from WHYY (NPR) originally aired January, 2009


Donald Westlake Interview (1994)


Lawrence Block on Donald Westlake


Donald Westlake: New York City Personified


Donald Westlake Memorium

The Grifters (Clip)


The Stepfather (Excerpts)



2 thoughts on “Multimedia

  1. It’s probably not available on the Web, but in the late 1970s, Westlake appeared on Ton Snyder’s _Tomorrow_ show, alongside of Dilys Winn, Mickey Spillane, and Robert Bloch. If it turns up, it might make a good addition to the website.

    (My main memory was a discussion of violence, and Spillane said he’d once described a stomach gunshot wound as a period, with the blood turning it into a comma. Bloch instantly added, “Maybe it was a semicolon.”)

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