Complete Short Stories

Title (Year) Original Publication

vincentian_1Veronica (1951) The Vincentian (High School Literary Magazine)

vincentian_1My Father’s Chair (1951) The Vincentian (High School Literary Magazine)

manhunt_58_jan_1Arrest (1958) Manhunt

future_sci_fi_jun_59_1And Then He Went Away (1959) Future Science Fiction Magazine

mystery_digest_jun_59_1 Journey to Death (1959) Mystery Digest

question_fsf_1The Question (1963) Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine

Swank (Nov, 1965)

Paid In Full (1965) Swank

Signature - The Diners Club Magazine (Aug, 1966)

Devilishly (1966) Signature

starship_hopeful_logo_tallStarship Hopeful Series (1982-89) Playboy Magazine

cosmo_82_aug_1Dream a Dream (1982) Cosmopolitan

NY Times Magazine (Apr. 29, 1990)

The Dortmunder Workout (1990) N.Y. Times Magazine

gtih_icon_tallGive Til it Hurts (A Dortmunder Story) (1993) Mysterious Bookshop