Slayground (1971) – Random House

A Parker Novel

Parker stood at the window and watched the flashlights bob, out there by the fountain in the middle of the park. He cautiously raised the lower half of the window and then he could hear the voices, though he couldn’t make out exactly what they were saying.

But he didn’t have to know the exact words, he could pretty much tell what the conversation was about. Apparently he’d lucked out. It looked as though he’d got their leader on the first try, back at the fun house. That was why they were being so disorganized now, they hadn’t worked it out yet who was going to be the leader in the dead man’s place. That was why they weren’t pressing him now, keeping him moving.

But he should keep himself moving anyway. He had to take advantage of the break he’d been given, chop away at them while they had no leader. And the first thing to do was find out how many of them were in here, just exactly what the odds were against him.




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