The Fugitive Pigeon (1965) – Random House

“You aren’t going to kill me.”

“You got it,” said the other one.

“And here it comes,” said the first one, and Patrolman Ziccatta, the cop on the beat, came in saying, “Hey, Charlie. You’re open late.”

So what should I of done? Should I of said, “Patrolman Ziccatta, these two men just come here to rob and murder me, and that one there has my night’s proceeds in his topcoat pocket and that other one there just stuck a big mean-looking gun quick back in his topcoat pocket when you came in,” is that what I should of said? You think so? These associates of my Uncle Al, I should finger them to the police, never mind what for? You think so?

That just shows you don’t know the situation.




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