The Green Eagle Score (1967) – Gold Medal

A Parker Novel

Also published in the July, 1968 issue of For Men Only magazine as The Young Bedroom Raiders.

“I don’t take money away from five thousand armed men.”

“It isn’t five thousand armed men, Parker. Christ, you know what Stan calls the Air Force? The saluting civil service, he says. You know what they carry on their practice alerts? Empty carbines. They don’t even get bullets, for Christ’s sake.”

“Somebody’s got bullets,” Parker told him. “Somewhere on that post, base, whatever they call it, somewhere there’s somebody doesn’t want us to take that four hundred grand. I’ll leave that somebody alone.”

“Parker, we got an inside man!”

“That’s right. So if we do go in, and we do get back out again with the cash, who’s the first guy the law talks to? Your pal.”

“I told you,” Fusco said urgently, “Stan’s okay. He’d carry it off, Parker, I know he would.”

“You don’t know anything about him,” Parker said, “until he’s gone through it. That’s what the word amateur is for. It means somebody you don’t know about because he hasn’t gone through it before and you can’t tell what a guy’s going to do until he’s done it once.”




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