The Handle (1966) – Pocket Books

A Parker Novel

Parker backed away, holding the revolver, and put the steak knife back in its drawer. He faced Carey, keeping the revolver where Carey could see it without its being aimed anywhere in particular.

Parker said, “England comes back in here, I disarm him. That’s easy. The three of us go out, we flag a cab. None of your troops follows because there’s two of you and one of me so they figure I’m well covered. Ten blocks away, I shoot you and England and the cabby, drive the cab to Houston, take a plane. Any problems?”

Carey said nothing.

Parker walked back across the room and put the revolver down on the table. “That’s your guarantee, he said. “I could do that, and I won’t. I need this operation, and if you and your friends don’t screw it up I’ll run it off as scheduled.”




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