The Hot Rock (1970) – Simon & Schuster

A Dortmunder Heist

“That emerald,” Dortmunder said, “is an albatross around my neck. I used to think I could get away from it, but now I know better. I could walk out of here now, try to find something else to do with my life, but sooner or later that goddam emerald would pop up again, I’d be right back in the middle of the mess again. Either I get that emerald, or the emerald gets me, and until it happens one way or the other I’m stuck with it. I can’t get free, so why fight it?”

“This could very well be the most difficult job you’ve ever attempted.”

“It definitely is,” Dortmunder said. “The New York City banks got the most sophisticated alarm and camera systems in the world, plus grade-A guards, plus plenty of city cops just outside the door. Plus the traffic jam that midtown is always in the middle of, that you can’t even make a getaway.”

“You know all that,” the Major said, “but you still want to go on with it.”

“We all do,” Kelp said.

“It’s a matter of honor,” Murch said. “Like not gettin’ passed on the right.”


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