Thieves’ Dozen (Collection) (2004) – Mysterious Press

A Dortmunder Collection

Sample Stories:




  • Ask a Silly Question
  • Horse Laugh
  • Too Many Crooks
  • A Midsummer Daydream
  • The Dortmunder Workout
  • Party Animal
  • Give Till It Hurts
  • Jumble Sale
  • Now What?
  • Art and Craft
  • Fugue for Felons



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9 thoughts on “Thieves’ Dozen (Collection) (2004) – Mysterious Press

  1. Dear Donald Westlake, i’m just reading these short stories. Among these ones there is the story with the horse for wich you let the choice to the reader to imagine what will apen. Indeed, we can image that they finally take the horse to get money from insurance company. You tell in your book that you didn’t write more because you know nothing about horses. I work with horses, and i think this short story can become a funny novel.

    Sorry for my English, i’m french, 32yo, and bad with other languages, but i can find ideas, and write the frame of this story to begin.

    perhaps you’ll receive this message, or not. perhaps you’ll say ok or not. or you’ill get back on the short story to transform it alone and I’m curious to read that !

    one of your many readers,


    1. I’m glad you enjoy the story, Arnaud, but Don passed away in 2008. The story won’t be converted to a novel by him or anyone else, I’m afraid.

      Thanks for the visit and the comment and I hope you continue to enjoy my father’s work.

      Paul Westlake

  2. Dear Paul, I’m very sorry about this mistake, i know his novels since few times. Looking the website i didn’t see anything about and books i have are printed before 2008 (so nothing in the biography) i’m really confused…

    By curiosity, do you write yourself ?

    1. No apology necessary, Arnaud. No harm, no foul, as we say here.

      I write mostly non-fiction for broadcast and the web. My father was so much more talented with language, it’s almost not worth describing my work as “writing.” :)

      Thanks again,

  3. “I write mostly non-fiction for broadcast and the web” it sounds interesting. Myself i had to film and edit short reports for the web and that’s interesting. I’m curious to see the result of your work, even if that’s not you behind the camera.

    you never tried to translate a short stories of your father into scenario ?

    1. No. I had only read his novels as a kid and only recently started plowing through his short stories. Coincidentally, I have recently been considering making some short films based on those stories. I’m also working on adapting one of his novels into a graphic novel, partly inspired by the success of Darwyn Cooke’s adaptations of the Parker series.

      My most recent work is in the political arena. You can see my latest video here:

      I’m assuming your videos are in French, which is one of the several languages I’ve studied but still don’t speak. Share a link or two here anyway. I’m interested in seeing your work.

  4. Hello Paul. good video ! interesting and well done !

    “I’m also working on adapting one of his novels into a graphic novel” as writer or also as drawer ?

    If you want, i meet next week the director of a small french 3D studio and i can present the novel or a short story to him.
    I filmed mostly sport competitions in 2007 & 2008, not real reports or it was “quickly done” as this one far far away in quality of what you do !

    1. Thank you, Arnaud!

      As a writer. I can’t draw to save my life! :)

      Acquiring the rights to film any of my father’s stories must go through the proper channels. My step-mother is the executor of the literary estate and she funnels all projects through a pair of agencies. I wouldn’t want to waste anyone’s time on pure speculation.

      I used to film and edit stories just like the ones you linked to above, only different sports. You’re doing a good job. I also teach video production at a broadcasting school. Keep thinking of things you want to accomplish and then learn how to do them as you go along. Every time you learn something that helps you accomplish a goal, the new skill will stay with you forever. Push yourself and you’ll go far.

      Keep up the good work!

  5. “I wouldn’t want to waste anyone’s time on pure speculation.” don’t worry it can’t be a waste of time for me. It’s just the opportunity of the rendez-vous. a “why not” occasion. I mostly think about a short film. if you go until the end of your project of graphic book, it could also become an animated short film.

    I understand companies are mandated to sell rigths of books, that’s the only way in this jungle of contracts ;-).

    their website
    They try to be part of nominees in the animated short film category of Oscar 2014 with the project “gloof paradise”. he is one of scenarists of this short film. (Logorama©) perhaps you have already seen it.

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