Transylvania Station (with Abby Westlake) (1987) – Dennis McMillan

A Mohonk Mystery

Every year, high on a mountaintop in upstate New York, 300 or more people gather to confront and solve a murder. A mysterious murder, a baffling and bewildering murder, surrounded by suspects and clues. There, in Mohonk Mountain House, they interrogate the suspects, they follow the trail, they compare notes and at last they learn the Truth.

Come relive this experience. Donald and Abby Westlake, who put on the Mohonk Mysteries, have assembled and adapted their most nefarious schemes and present them to be read in the comfort–and safety?–of your own easy chair. Come join them, but don’t look behind you.

This time, our mountain becomes a bleak peak high in the Carpathians, deep in vampire country, and just beyond the end of the line. The year is 189–, and Mohonk Mountain House turns itself into the Castle Alucard, full of mystery, dark shadows, and… sudden death.

– From the back cover


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