Who Stole Sassi Manoon? (1968) – Random House

Robby went into the bathroom and removed Kelly’s gag. Kelly immediately began to babble: “There’s a girl, there’s–watch out for her–there’s a girl, she knows, she’s been–”

“We’ve got her,” Robby said. He was untying Kelly’s wrists.

“You’ve got her?”

“We’ve got her,” Robby said, and untied Kelly’s ankles. “Can you walk?”

“I think so.” Holding Robby’s hand, Kelly hobbled out to the main cabin.

“What happened?”

“No time for that now,” Kelly said.

“What about her?”

“Lock her aft. She knows too much, we’ll have to keep her.”

Robby said, “You mean, take two of them?”

“Can’t be helped,” Kelly said briskly. “We let her go, she’ll ruin everything.”

“Wait a second,” the girl said. “You can’t–”

“Lock her aft,” Kelly repeated. “Then we’ve got work to do.”

“That’s kidnapping!” The girl shouted.

Frank smiled at her. “Is that what it is? Think of that, Robby. We’re kidnappers.”

“Think of that,” said Robby.




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